Our Troops Need Our Help!


Please join in with the Birthers in support those brave men and women who have sworn to protect our Constitutional Republic.


US Marine Sergeant Sanchez from 2nd Marines, Company G, Weapons Platoon, Assault Section and his men are being deployed to a combat area, and are in desperate need of these specialized items that are not part of their Issued Equipment.  





Approximate Cost






When you put this tool in the skilled and steady hands of a combat engineer, the first thing he'll probably say is something like this: How the devil did I ever get along without this? It's a fair question when you consider the compact versatility of the D.E.T.

The hearty stainless steel is coated with a black, non-reflective coating that'll never produce a give-away glint while working in the sun. Our patented one-handed opening plier mechanism can be a lifesaver in the field, whether you're under the gun or not.

Unique to the D.E.T., a punch for C4 explosives and a blasting cap crimper. Then there's the pure, can-do functionality of the premium RemGrit® blade for severing cable.




$108.00 each







A single button does the math. Just squeeze the trigger and remember your knife. Amazingly compact and simple to use, our new Scout 1000 with ARC figures distance based on terrain angle to give you an accurate “shoots-like” distance to 1,000 yards. Rifle Mode even tells you where to hold. With selectable Bow and Rifle Modes, it has the same capability some competitors need to split into two separate units. All with the tap of a button – in a vertical unit small enough to fit in your shirt pocket. In capability and ease of use, no one comes close to Bushnell.®



$231.00 each


If you can help with either a donation or if you have any of these items and wish to see them put into good use by our Marines please contact Marnie Delano and she can give you more details on how you can help. They are scheduled to deploy within the month so please hurry.