An Open Letter to the M&M Twins


Michelle Malkin and Michael Medved



Dear M & M,


At first we were stunned that you called us lunatics, crazy, uninformed, but I must say this has been a blessing in disguise. If you so-called Conservatives did support us we would have been following your lead down a dead-end ally, but without you we were forced to rely on our own intelligence and determination. This is what separates us from you.   We are seeking the truth and wisdom that our founding fathers left us, while you two are serving an unknown agenda.


You both have said that the 14th Amendment makes one a natural born citizen, Michelle likes this fallacy as this is her only argument for calling herself a natural born citizen, but we are not so sure about your motives Michael. We disagree with you as clear pure water disagrees with old engine oil. The 14th Amendment does not make one a natural born citizen. Your quips are neither supported by the Founding Fathers, the Framers of the 14th Amendment or the ruling from the Wong Kim Ark case. We are not going to dive into a long discussion on history; rather we want you to explain one very simple thing to us.


Betty is a natural born American, as our founding Fathers defined the term. She married in the United States an Iranian citizen named Sayyed Bozorg "Moody" Mahmoody, and they had one daughter Mahtob. Mahtob was born in the United States of America, which according to your definition makes her a natural born citizen.


In 1984 her husband told her they were taking a small trip back to Iran so Mahtob could see his family. Then he decided to stay in Iran and raise Mahtob there. While there Betty was forced to wear a hijab and was in constant fear because she was an American.


While trying to regain custody of her daughter, which according to you is a “natural born American,” the Iranian courts used the internationally accepted principle of jus sanguinis and declared that Mahtob was an Iranian citizen and sole custody was given to the father.


The background to this is found in the book “not without my Daughter” and in the film of the same name. There are more recent incidents like this which we will not identify for the safety of the mothers and children. However what we can identify is the assistance the US government gives women and children in this situation, they give them a list of local lawyers.


So please explain to us, if you can, how a “natural born American” citizen can be claimed to be a citizen of Iran by the Iranian government?


If you refuse to explain this then this will be the American Patriots view of you,



We at the Birthers in no way impugn the American citizenship of Mahtob, to us she is an American citizen. We are not attempting to hijack Betty’s ordeal, nor are we saying she supports us. The Birthers unequivocal position is that 14th Amendment citizens are American citizens deserving the same protection of our laws as any other citizen naturalized or natural born. However, this is a fact of history. We are aware that the diplomatic efforts afforded a natural born citizen can be different to those efforts afforded to a naturalized or 14th amendment born citizen, if a foreign government was to detain and claim a natural born citizen as THEIR citizen, then instead of giving the mother a list of local attorneys, perhaps the State Department would be giving the foreign minister of that country a list of ‘casus belli.’  We state that this could never happen to an American natural born citizen as understood since the inception of our Nation, because through the unified principles of jus soli (born in the USA) and jus sanguinis (born of two American citizen parents) this would never be recognized or be protected by international laws.


This story was given to us by another American-Iranian girl that happens to have the same name Mahtob in her name. BriteStarAngie, who joined the Birthers knowing full well that because of her Iranian father she is not a natural born citizen and feels no shame or regrets in taking this stand with us. BriteStar pointed out to us that her father unlike Obama’s father was a permanent resident of the USA when she was born and was in the process of being naturalized. BriteStar prefers to think of her native country’s security first and foremost and does not want a “Foreigner” in the Oval Office serving as Commander in Chief. We at the Birthers would love to say she is more of a natural born citizen than Obama is, but being a natural born citizen for the purposes of Article II, Section 1 is like being pregnant. You are pregnant or you are not pregnant, there is no such thing as a little pregnant.  


We are waiting for your response to our question Michelle and Michael, “how a “natural born American” citizen can be claimed to be a citizen of Iran by the Iranian government?” If you answer it, we will print it verbatim. We are not sure you have the courage to send it to us.  We know that you both have received an invitation to debate Attorney Mario Apuzzo on air, and perhaps you might find safety in numbers and debate him together. If you two have any integrity, then you will put up or you will shut up.