(Father of Modern Birtherdom)

Meet Poppa Birther, Jonathan Turley.


(UPI Photo)

Modern Birtherdom didn't start with Orly Taitz questioning ,Obama´s birthplace, it was started by Jonathan Turley questioning John McCain´s.


It is not like Jonathan is a relative unknown, his blog proudly advertises his street creds, VOTED THE #1 LEGAL THEORY AND LAW PROFESSOR BLOG OF THE TOP 100 LEGAL BLOGS BY THE ABA JOURNAL IN 2008. And as can be seen in the screen shots below, he is the darling of the Liberal Left Media.



Rachel Madcow knows him,

Keith Doberman knows him,

Big Mouth Bill Oh´Really knows him,

even a terrorist conspirator Sami Al-Arian knows him.


So why don't you know him?


Because on Thursday, February 28, 2008 nearly a full six months before questions of Obama started to appear, Johnathan Turley wrote Does John McCain Have an Alexander Hamilton Problem? A Constitutional Challenge May Loom Over McCain's Eligibility for;President, and this doesn't fit into the Obama propaganda machine that Birthers are racists and our constitutional  concerns is only a result of Obama being black. It also takes away from the Obots crying, why didn't you say anything about John McCain.